Not homophobia (Versão em inglês de Renato César)

My hands touched yours, we were at a wide avenue
We moved like two beings in love
The sensation of protection was what mattered
A cold and icy wind seemed to lead us astray
With warm hearts, we were just you and me

A hit over the head, broken peaces all over the floor
The blood running in an instant
As the violence of a lost bullet
I was in your arms and there was shadows running ahead of us

Why such violence, not homophobia
Why such hatred, not homophobia
Why such anger, not homophobia
Scream out loud for the world to hear, Diversity

That shadow that you forced us to go through
Did do not got the brightness off our eyes
Everyone has the right to love, a love equal
Do not live with your silent pain down your throat
Live high and create your identity

Fly over the sea, with those seagulls
Live without regret the wounds on your face
Hold your walk steady as stone
They will not be in vain if you scream

Diversity Diversity eh eh eh
Diversity Diversity eh eh eh


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